Spirito Brunch Sessions


On Sunday from 12 pm to 16 pm, Premiata and Spirito become a unique place in an event called "Spirito Brunch Sessions."

During these two days, Spirito houses in its salt, in its courtyard and in its terrace "BRUNCH à la carte" of Premiata Panineria in Pigneto. No, it is not the usual "all you can eat buffet" but rather a true Brunch (with eggs of St. Bartholomew to the plate, crispy bacon and english muffin). The entire line of sandwiches, which has already made ​​the famous Premiata Panineria in Pigneto, is proposed to the plate, and served at the table with formulas richer, in addition to some special dish dedicated to the occasion. Same thing for the Drink: the same choise of Spirito in addition to some special cocktails. Unlike the evening time, Spirito Brunch Session also gives free access to minors.


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