Our story

Premiata Panineria6

We would like to tell about our travels in the States of New York at that time we ate the hot dog at Nathan's Coney Island or perhaps that other time in the Village, when we tasted the Katz's Pastrami (and obviously we don't find the bill just to pay). But no.

The Premiata Panineria origins are even more "distant" and at the same time closer. To reconstruct its history should tell about a walk in the center of Palermo, where the fritters tasted of Francu U Vastiddaru or a picnic in Picinisco where we tasted the cheese suede of Pacitti's farm. We should tell about the ciociare families that prepare, on Lepini mountains, the salt cod trade for over forty years, or maybe a trip in the Agro Pontino where we discovered that Friesian paradise is not only in Holstein .

Premiata Panineria is all. It is a Italian "place" that most Italian might not be.
Its secret is its simplicity: a few selected ingredients and everything, starting with the bread and sauces, handmade.


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